About Jashan Grewal

Real Estate Agent

A wise man once said, if you leave your home content, waving goodbye to your kids and wife, the day will certainly smile upon you! The thought of coming back to my two beautiful kids and wife and my parents, keeps me moving, and will always do.

I wish to leave every family with the same feeling- A home where you forget all your worries, and it is this same home, a safe abode which I find for families through my work as your Realtor. I do this because I care, I care for dreams! I care for a family, which hurdles together in the living room at the end of the day chit-chatting, dining, unburdening their worries, sharing a joke or two.

So, when you call me and reach out to me for a query, be assured that I understand, which is why I want to sit across the table and know what your wants and needs for a home are. Yes, I will talk about price, I will talk about mortgage rate, I will get into the mathematics and economics of buying and selling a house but I will also bring to the table what this mathematics will add up to- joys, comfort and safety of your own home!
I believe God has been kind, and he is to each one of us in different ways. Therefore, I wish to share what has been bestowed on me. I want to assist in realizing your dream to own your own HOME. As a father and a husband, I know what it takes to dream and how we wish to inch towards it every day. And how we wish someone could guide us on this path, and make this dream come true as easier as possible.

So, when you call me on my number Cell, leave a request on Facebook, or drop a question on Instagram, I will respond then and there because dreams need a platform., a solid standing, and I am here to provide that.

Be assured Real Estate is my profession, and I am a family man who knows that kids will need their own rooms, parents need theirs and a wife needs a big, bigger and biggest walk-in closet! 

I strongly believe in giving back to the community whether it be regular blood donation, volunteering time, raising funds to provide supplies for school for kids based in India. Also from every sale, I donate proceeds to Children's Hospital of BC.